meet claire

Who is Little Tuesday?

Hi, how nice of you to drop by.

The name is Claire Hollinworth, the game is styling and coordinating. My “why”, is to create luxury weddings and events while making my clients feel comfortable and stress-free.

Little Tuesday has been around for about 4 years now, and what was first a little side hustle is now a multibillion dollar company.

Obviously I’m kidding. 

When I’m not dreaming about my moon trip with Jeff Bazos I do like to consider myself reasonably easy going, fun and willing to give anything a go. I’m a huge believer in making events bigger than they need to be, and anniversaries or milestones celebrated more often. So you’ll often find me encouraging my clients and customers to think a little more out of the box and really create something you’ll look back on and think “shit yeah, that was sick”.

Little Tuesday represents a whole lot of what I’m about, events, making things look good, gatherings around cheese, and a laid-back attitude.

Managing Director & Head Stylist
Claire Hollinworth

Its not really all about Claire…

We’re a team

You & I, how nice

When we first meet I’ll make an effort to get to know you first. I want to know what brings you joy, how you like your coffee, how you spend your Sundays and perhaps how you met your soulmate. Nice and cosy right?

We will work closely together leading up to your wedding or event, so it’s only fair we get to know each other.  This also ensures I know exactly what you are after, how much you expect to spend while making sure you rest easy at night knowing you’re part of a team that puts you first.

We offer free styling consults, your own unique moodboard and a cheeky tequila shot just for the hell of it